Yesterday, Facebook hosted their Facebook Developer Conference, F8 – Messenger 2.0 Updates and announced some major updates to their Messenger 2.0 platform and what it means for your business.

Here’s Facebook’s 5 page overview on the updates:



During the past several months, Facebook has lowered the organic reach of Facebook Pages. Brands posts dropped from reaching 12% of their fans/followers in October to just 6% by February. A drop of more than 50%. recently wrote a post about  The Free-Marketing Gravy Train Is Over on Facebook


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For some time now, Facebook has been testing a trending feature comprable to Twitter’s “Trending Topics”. Facebook announced Thursday that it will start rolling it out for users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Australia. Since this is a roll out, this feature may not be available for all users. You will find the “Trending” feature on the top right corner of your Facebook News Feed, Facebook will show trending topics based on what type of popular conversations is happening throughout Facebook. Users can then click the topic to see public and friends’ posts about that topic.


Our friends over at wrote a post about the recent Facebook roll out.



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