2017 Food Show w/ Broward County Public Schools and Chef Rudy Poindexter

When you think about school lunch, it’s usually not the most pleasant memory as a kid, at least not for me.


That is NOT the case in Broward County. Broward County Public Schools has the healthy lunch option game in check!


Last week we attended BCPS annual “Food Show” that showcases healthy food service providers from all over that provide samples for students to taste and then vote on their favorites. The most popular choices will go on the 2017 lunchroom menu.


The program is led by Darlene Moppert, Program Manager, Nutrition Education and Training, Broward County Public Schools.



“Broward County Public Schools understands that kids need good nutrition for optimum perfomance to learn, play and excel at activities. We also understand that kids eat what they like. Food and Nutrition Services continuously updates the menu to create better-tasting, healthier options, so kids can power up for the day! (Broward County Public Schools http://BrowardSchools.com)


Photos from the event can be found on the BCPS’s Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/Va7OX8


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